Support with Purpose

At The Good Fight, we believe in empowering individuals with disabilities, and we're excited to introduce "Support with Purpose."

This initiative seamlessly integrates charitable giving into your journey with us, allowing you to make a meaningful impact while supporting those who need it most when you purchase a paid digital product. 

Over the next 3 months, The Good Fight will be supporting the following Australian charities:

  1. OzHarvestThe first perishable food rescue organisation in Australia collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it, direct and free of charge to more than 1300 charities providing much needed assistance to vulnerable Australians across the country. 
  2. The Shepherd Centre: For close to 50 years, The Shepherd Centre has been helping children who are deaf or have a hearing loss to learn how to listen and speak. Fundraising for The Shepherd Centre will help us to continue our life-changing work.
  3. Assistance Dogs Australia: Assistance Dogs Australia is a national charity that trains high quality dogs to help people living with disabilities.   


Here are key points to help you understand how it works and the remarkable benefits it brings:

Seamless Integration: Support with Purpose effortlessly weaves charitable giving into your experience with us. With just a few clicks, your routine booking or digital product purchase transforms into a meaningful contribution to a cause that resonates with you.

5% Donation: For every booking and digital product purchase, The Good Fight allocates 5% of the retail price for donation to Australian charities supporting people with disabilities. This intentional percentage aligns with market prices, ensuring your act of generosity remains affordable and impactful.

Customer Choice: Empowering you to be an agent of change, the initiative offers a curated list of partner charities focused on assisting individuals with disabilities. You have the autonomy to choose the cause close to your heart, creating a personalised connection between your purchase and the charitable mission.

A screenshot of the user-friendly pop-up window, showing 3 charities. It reads "Your order is confirmed. We're donating 5% from your order. You choose where it goes!".

No Additional Charges: Crucially, the 5% donation is not an added fee or charge. The Good Fight upholds its commitment to affordability, allowing you to support a cause without any financial burden beyond the typical market prices.

Little Phil Provider App: Facilitating the donation process is the cutting-edge Little Phil provider app. This technology ensures that the funds you allocate to your chosen disability-focused charity reach them swiftly and efficiently, adding a layer of transparency and accountability to the entire process.

User-Friendly Interface: The final steps of your booking or purchase unveil a user-friendly pop-up window, prompting you to select your preferred disability-focused charity. Designed with intuitiveness in mind, the interface ensures that making a charitable selection is as easy as choosing your preferred service.


A screenshot of the donation confirmation page. It reads " Thank you! We're donating $3.50 from your order to Assistance Dogs Australia". It has a picture of the Assistance Dogs Australia logo and below this it reads " Total donated $25,861". Below this is a black button which reads "continue".

Effortless Customer Experience: Contributing to a cause should be effortless, and Support with Purpose ensures just that. You can actively support a disability-focused charity without disrupting your experience, making it a seamless and enjoyable process.

Transparency and Accountability: The Little Phil provider app not only facilitates the donation process but also guarantees transparency and accountability. Your contributions make a genuine impact, and you can trust that your chosen disability-focused charities receive the allocated funds as intended.

No Extra Cost: Participating in Support with Purpose won't incur any additional costs for you. The Good Fight's commitment to affordability means you can champion the cause of supporting individuals with disabilities without worrying about extra charges.

Our initiative, Support with Purpose, goes beyond the norms of traditional commerce. It embodies the belief that each purchase, no matter how small, has the power to contribute to positive change in our community.