About Us


Welcome to The Good Fight, where we're more than a consultancy service; it's about championing your rights, amplifying your voice, and making sure every decision supports your aspirations.

I'm Tee, the founder of The Good Fight, and I'm on a mission to empower individuals, providers, advocates, and legal representatives in navigating the intricate world of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

My Journey: I bring a wealth of experience, having served at the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission in 2018 during it's startup, where I played a pivotal role in shaping workers screening policy, provider registration policies and procedures.

In 2019, I moved to the NDIA's Complex Support Needs Team and quickly shifted to Internal Reviews. During this time, I completed nearly 1500 internal reviews as part of the Priority Review Team. As a Team Leader, I trained and provided consultation to Internal Review Officer with close to 2000 reviews—tackling some of the agency's most challenging cases head-on. I also contributed to agency policies and procedures, including the Participant Safety Co-Design. 

Working in the Internal Review Priority Team I have experience with everything from Complex Support Needs, Compensation, Justice, Scheme Integrity, Ministerial Complaints, AAT to Complex Home Modifications, SIL/SDA and 2:1 supports etc.

Unique Expertise: My journey involved using the NDIS legislation, policies, and procedures to defend agency decisions. Now, I'm flipping the script. The Good Fight is about leveraging my insider knowledge to help participants, providers, advocates, and legal representatives counter those very decisions.

Why The Good Fight: I believe in utilising my exceptional experience working with people with disabilities and facing various challenges to ensure that NDIS plans not only meet expectations but exceed them.

My unique position allows me to bridge the gap between the complexities of the NDIS and your goals, ensuring you get the absolute best from your NDIS plans.

Choosing The Good Fight means choosing a pathway to empowerment. Our commitment is to ensure that every individual, regardless of their challenges, experiences the dignity of supported decision-making.

With a foundation built on years of experience within the NDIS, we bring a unique perspective that allows us to navigate the system intricately. We're not just here to guide; we're here to ensure that you are supported, understood, and championed. Your journey is our journey, and at The Good Fight, we fight for a future where everyone's voice is not just heard but celebrated.

Ready to turn challenges into victories? Let's champion The Good Fight together.