Recent Support

December 2023

  • Supported a Plan Nominee/Guardian with corresponding with a Provider regarding transport costs for day program.
  • Supported a Participant living alone and their Support Coordinator with correcting a NDIS decision to not fund 24/7 1:1 support.
  • Provided a Support Coordinator with education regarding Assistance Animal funding for a Participant living with psycho-social disability. 
  • Supported a SIL Manager with getting the right evidence to support a request for 1:1 active overnight support for a Participant 
  • Provided a Legal Representative with advice for AAT 


January 2024

  • Helped a Client understand the NDIA's access decision and options for support outside of the NDIA
  • Provided a Participant with steps to take with an NDIA Planning decision to take away self-management.
  • Supported a Plan Nominee with resolving a transport funding concern with a Provider 
  • Support Hack! We had a Provider book a 4 hour Helping Hand Consultation. Rather than having a discussion, they sent a request to provide written responses to 4 different Participant scenarios - 24/7 1:1 support, 24/7 2:1 support, High Physical Support SDA approval and 2 bedrooms for 1 Participant. It was an interesting application of our support service and we thoroughly enjoyed providing advice in this way. Keep an eye out for their review of our service. 

February 2024

  • This month we have helped our fair share of Child Representatives with understanding Early Childhood planning meetings; whether it be preparation for their first meeting since meeting access, assisting with getting evidence together for full scheme access or assisting with understanding self-management or would the NDIS fund different types of supports.
  • We now have 2 ongoing clients who using our service for impromptu support coordination as they increase their ability to self-manage their plans independently. I'll tell you what, our service is cheaper than the support coordination rate and there is full transparency in our costs and we don't have any travel expenses. We're currently mapping what this support looks like moving forward and will be including this as a consult package shortly.